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New weekly after school program for Fall 2019


Tune Builders was founded by David Beckingham, singer-songwriter and guitarist for Juno-nominated Vancouver band Hey Ocean out of a desire to encourage young people to explore their musicality as an outlet for their innate creativity. Our programs provide the full band experience of learning, writing, recording and performing music as a band. We offer Tune Builders After_School during the school year and Tune Builders Rock_Camp during summer, spring and winter breaks, as well as private lessons

Tune Builders, founded by Vancouver-based singer-songwriter David Beckingham, offers a musical mentorship and songwriting program for youth who want to experience being in a band. Whether beginner or advanced in experience, we believe anybody who is interested should get to experience playing cover songs, songwriting, recording and performing music with their friends. Participants are led and mentored by a team of professional touring/recording artists with a passion for music, creativity and inspiring young artists to play with their boundless creative potential.

All instructors at Rock_Camp and After_School sessions are professional musicians actively working in the music industry with a passion for passing on their knowledge and skills to younger generations.

Our goal is to mentor and inspire young musicians, as well as to provide a fun, safe space for them to step into the endless possibilities of their naturally creative selves though making music - ‘Building’ Tunes.

Tune Builders meets at Fraser Academy, 2294 W 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6K 2H8 and is open to ages 8-18 from any school.



Our weekly after school program offers the full band experience of learning cover songs, writing and recording original songs and playing a concert at the end of the semester for family and friends. There will be weekly sessions (2 hours for older group, 1.5 hours for younger) during which we will learn to play as a band, write a song together and learn how to push ourselves creatively. There will be a full day of recording toward the end of the semester in which original song will be recorded, produced, engineered and mixed professionally with state of the art recording gear. Participants will get a CD with their band’s original song and unique artwork. Over the course of the program each student will have a private one-on-one session with one of our mentors.


Monday Sessions: Sep 30, Oct 7, Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 18, Nov 25 - 4.00-5.25 pm or 5.35-7.00 pm

Recording day: Nov 22 - 10.00-4.00 pm

Concert day: Dec 2

Tuesday Sessions: Oct 1, Oct 8, Oct 15, Oct 22,Oct 29, Nov 19, Nov 26 - 4.00-5.25 pm or 5.35-7.00 pm

Recording day: Nov 23 - 10.00-4.00 pm

Concert day: Dec 3

Tune Builders After_School tuition is $549 for the fall semester.


Tune Builders offers week-long music camps during Summer, Winter and Spring Breaks. In the beginning of the week, Builders get familiar with the instruments, including drum kits, guitars, bass guitars and keyboards. Next we learn cover songs by our favourite bands from The Beatles or Motown to todays hits. On day-one we start playing as a group and not long later we start co-writing our band’s original song(s). By day 4, Builders get to be recorded, produced, engineered and mixed professionally by industry professionals using state of the art recording gear. The week ends with a concert for family and friends where Builders show off their new skills. Builders leave with their own recorded song, a new group of friends and tons of fun memories from a week of making music. Many of the Builders from past camps have continued playing together long after camp ends and some have even gone on to get record deals and tour internationally.

Beginners are welcome!

Although some musical experience is a plus, beginners are welcome at Tune Builders After_School and Rock Camps. Musical parts will be given that work for the level of the musician and if you are a beginner, our aim is go get you hooked on making music.



All proceeds received from Bandcamp downloads go into a bursary for Tune Builders applicants from less financially-advantaged backgrounds.


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David Beckingham is a recording artist and touring musician who has been playing music professionally for the past 14 years as one 3rd of Vancouver indie trio Hey Ocean! and more recently as a solo artist as well. David has been running rock camps in Vancouver for over a decade. His philosophy is that anyone should be free to enjoy participating in music and one needn’t be a virtuoso to experience the joy of creating music with friends.



Harley Small is a musician, recording engineer and record producer in East Van, British Columbia. Harley has worked on countless projects in Vancouver and across Canada in a variety of roles from lead producer to sound designer to songwriter and more. These projects range from major label album releases to independent film productions, with a breadth of experience in pop, jazz, and experimental music. Harley is a multi-instrumentalist and an honours graduate from Nimbus School or Recording and Media.



Jordaniel Bennett is a composer, mixing engineer, and producer who works out of the space studios in Vancouver, He studied professional recording arts at the Art Institute of Vancouver and graduated among the top of his class. Jordaniel began playing music at a young age and has spent over a decade playing various instruments with several bands and artists. In the past 15+ years of his music career, Jordaniel has scored for film, TV, and video games, recorded dozens of EP and album recordings, composed for advertisements and radio series, recorded voice-overs and podcasts, restored degraded audio files for digital archive, mixed and mastered many songs and albums, and toured across the continent. Jordaniel has a unique production style and has a creative ear that lends itself to creating compelling works.



Ayla Tesler-Mabe is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has always had a passion for teaching. She was taught by David Beckingham many years ago, and can attribute her deep love for playing music to teachers and mentors like him who have encouraged her so much over the course of her life. Now an internationally touring and recording musician, a member of two bands and always in pursuit of the next project to work on, Ayla hopes to be able to pass along all that she’s learnt thus far and support the next generation of young music lovers as best she possibly can! 


Guitar lessons are available with David. Lessons are booked privately and are 1 hour in length.

Teaching Style: 
I teach beginner to intermediate students. I do not get heavily into theory, but focus on playing songs, strengthening technique and working on the ear. Toward the end of each lesson, I make videos and song sheets for my students for the things we learn and I upload them to their own online shared folder so they can watch at home during the week and practice what they learned. 


  • $70 per individual 1 hour lesson

  • $270 for 4 x 1 hour lessons (Save $10)

  • $540 for 8 x 1 hour lessons (Save $20)

  • $800 for 12 x 1 hour lessons (Save $40)

Please email tunebuilders@gmail.com to book.


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